Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Waiting Game

I'm so excited I cant sleep and i totally would have been blogging myself with all the dramatics these last few days but i forgot my password, as most of us do.

 1 DAY 19HRS left to go and its lasting a lifetime, all I have to do is get thru tonites shift at work and its HELLO, WEEKEND!

I really am thrilled to be one of the YSA graduates Cotton Flower ward 2010

I am so LUCKY to have such great friends and family, and a brand new set of sisters and brothers and nieces i hope to meet one day. Life is Good, Thanksgiving was awesome. Girls night In was Crazy Cool, with my ladies Aileen Heckert ( with little miss daddy's girl April Holly) and Bethany Mcdainel. Of course we ate to much, talked to loud, cried to often, and  poured out our hearts, got advice, took advice stayed up Way into the morning watching The Work and the Glory Trilogy and Titanic ..

                                                         "NEVER LOOK BACK, NEVER REGRET"

 I LEARNED so much and I hope we stay best buddies WhereEver our Heavenly Father takes us..

                                                    !OMG I'M GETTING MARRIED!

The temple is the house of the Lord an i am so beyond thankful, beyond honored, beyond comphension thankful for all the many blessing in my life.

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