Saturday, December 25, 2010


                       Merry CHRISTmas Bloggers: 
                              I love the holiday spirit and

Our First Christmas!

 the love and the laughter and MUSIC, dancing and KAROKOE !!!!!! woohoo
                                                    Life is SWEET

Valerie McRae/ Theresa Sprickerhoff

                                  I LOVE mOnKeY BREAD (thanks aunty Tonya!)

Sharing the love we  got the party started at the McRae's, & Thresea of course,who are just awesome possumes and the got the best FRIENDLIEST dogs. I love hanging out with my news sisters and BRO its aweswome that we get along so well >kool< >crazy<>fun<>tottally<>insane< we just love to

Thanks "Santa"
New Jammies


Im so glad hubby drove its...a ways away! the only thing that fcould have made it  that MUCH better waqs if the inlaws would haVe been there- and if CHRIS would have joined us in the singing because i KNOW he's GOT THE MAGIC ...
                                                --      oooohhh snap!  ---

Anyway the four of us ROCKED OUT till early in the AM
                      and there was NO funny bussiness, nadda, zip, none, ZERO.

   !!!!!!!!!!SAM AND I ARE TWO WEEKS 
                   INTO     FOREVER!!!!!!!!!


BREAKFAST YUM then its driving back to CIVILIZATION for for fun-fun @ the Budda-BAKERS hence the ooohh so yum yum gooooyyy MUNKEY BREAD
                     My Auntie is the BOMB chef magic

We got unexpectede gifts that we are very thankful for but of course the best gift of all is FEELING THE LOOVE of             SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST   &    HEAVENLY FATHER



                     PEACDE, HOPE, JOY, LOVE, FELIEZ NAVAIDAD! MERRY HOLIDAYZ             

 "OK, I LOVE YOU-- BYE!!!"


  1. I love my awesome wife for how awesome she is at blogging! Christmas WAS pretty spectacular, thanks to, "Santa," for all the gifts that we recieved, namely the food storage starter kit, vacuum, aromatherapy candle, and pj's! As Dad would say, LOL (lots of love!)!

  2. Christmas was so fun! i am so glad we were able to get together! heres to our next kareoke night!!!

  3. agreed, it was way fun! I'm so glad you guys were there....and especially since there was no funny business! HAHAHAHA! Next time hopefully Chris will be into the Karaoke part!


Just the three of Us...